Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tretton – “PS3 Just Hitting Its Stride”, Enjoying “Best Year In The Past Five”

To gamers calling for the next round of consoles to happen now, head of Sony Corp.’s U.S. operations, Jack Tretton, has a word for you – “PlayStation’s just hitting its stride”.

That’s what the executive said while speaking in an interview with Bloomberg, adding the PlayStation brand has been an asset to Sony as a company.

“We did ten million units of PlayStation 3 two years ago,” said Tretton, “13 million last year and we’re going to end our fiscal year in a couple weeks here, and we’re on track to do 15 million, and our software business is up 35 percent.

So we are clearly enjoying this interest in gaming.”

When pressed on the profitability of Sony’s gaming business, which, according Bloomber, hasn’t been profitable in five years, Tretton said:

“That’s the good news. I think we’ve been an extremely big profit contributor to Sony’s overall success but the PlayStation 3 was clearly a major investment and I think it pays great dividends not only in gaming, but also in winning the high definition format wars with Blu-Ray, and we’re now seeing PlayStation 3 be in the center of the living room.

So it’s contributing in the success of the TV division, prerecorded home video area, we’re clearly playing a large role in 3D adoption so I think we’re contributing to Sony’s overall success. And the good news is we’re now profitable in our games division and PlayStation 3 is just hitting its stride – we’re having our best year in the past five in the games division.”

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  • nick

    they have buying all the studios during the ps2 days to thank for this.
    it has helped them immensely!
    shame they had to cut internal studios for it though, there UK studio was one of the best they had!
    will never forget the dreadful day 8 days and the getaway 3 were canceled!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah. Remember that. But Sony’s boss in the gaming space. Especially for the hardcore. So many studios….so may awesome games….

  • nick

    i wish they would bring them back!
    both were over 80% done, it would only take a few more months to finish them and release them!
    especially the getaway 3, its the only game thats actually ran with GTA, every other game got crushed by it!
    i cant believe sony dropped it!
    they have a GTA killer, a game that sells 10M+ copies all to themselves and they dont release it?
    its like saying nope, i dont want that check for 100M dollars!
    what the?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    You never know what the future holds.. They could bring them back.