Saturday, January 31, 2015

Video Thirst: Homefront Launch Trailer Is Live

Homefront lands on Tuesday all across the U.S., and to celebrate, THQ’s released a launch trailer for its shooter. It’s a fps game, so expect guns and bullets, only this time, there seems to be a decent story to back up mayhem.

Video Thirst: Home Is The Front

In most U.S. developed shooters, the war is always fought on middle eastern soil. This time, though, it’s right here.

Quench it:

Edge Magazine basically judged the game as rubbish, but other outlets have differed, giving the game high marks.

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  • nick

    so disappointed this is only 5 hours!
    has so much potential, looks so good, looks like a great story, has heaps of cool weapons and vehicles, and for once devs are actually making the PC version the best it can be!
    why did they have to shoot themselves in the foot and make it so god dam short!?
    i mean 7 hours for a AAA high budget game is pathetic, but 5 hours!?
    for a PSN title, or a small budget game ok far enough, but not for a 110 buck game!
    ill be in a cold hard grave decades before i ever spend 110 bucks on a 5 hour game!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Hope is sells well too. Because the fate of Kaos Studios rests with it.