Friday, December 19, 2014

Sega: 3D Is “Very Exciting” But Could Make You Nauseous

So both Sony and Nintendo are pushing the 3D revolution extremely hard right? Yes, Nintendo released the 3DS to much fanfare at E3, and Sony presented a nice portion of its presser in 3D. The hardware giant is also making 3D a “company-wide” initiative for all its studios to “look into” the technology, and find ways to mesh it into everything.

Well that’s good and all but let’s hope the thing’s not just a ‘passing craze’, because although many have lauded the step Sony and Nintendo have taken, there are many who’ve also pointed out the glaring disadvantages.

One of them is SEGA’s Mike Hayes, who said in a recent interview with, thqat although he’s “very excited” about 3D, there are certain bad points of concern.

“I was talking to someone playing MotorStorm who pointed out that you do get nauseous after about 15 minutes with motion sickness, which is a fundamental issue about how much 3D you can consume,” Hayes said. “However, it’s marvelous technology.”

“The good news, as a developer, is that to implement 3D it’s relatively cheap, and a lot of us can do that relatively painlessly so you’ll find that we’ll be included at some point, and we’ll announce our 3D titles so we’ll be there at the party.

Having played a couple of games, it really is good, but you could not sit down for two hours with your glasses on and play an intense shooter. I just think that would be impossible. How that is managed is going to be interesting.”

Interesting stuff, we’ll see how the thing works out soon enough, then.

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  • nick

    funny enough 3D does not give me motion sickness even though i always get sick in the car and such.
    i cant read in the car, i cant play my PSP, hell i cant even watch a movie in the car for more than 20 minutes without blowing chunks!
    i stayed up till 12 last night playing metro 2033 on my PC in 3D for a good 4 hours and i was fine!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Man, in that area, you’re just like me. I can’t read in the car without feeling like someone just knocked it across the head for the entire day… For some reason in juices in my head just go wild…And I pay the price.

  • nick

    yeah, it makes me feel really queasy too like im going to blow chunks and it wont go away for the rest of the day.
    even watching movies does the same thing.
    last year i went on holidays to Melbourne, we drove down so i brang my laptop with me wanting to watch a few movies.
    that did not end well.