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I’m A Christian, Guerrilla Games Care About Me

Games are made to pass on great fun and entertainment. May this industry never forget that. Not some medium that tries to relive every aspect of life, because if that was the case, we’d lose the basis of why we play in the first place.

I know as an industry we try to move further along into realism, moving ever closer to making games on par with movies. That’s great. But I don’t think that we should emulate everything Hollywood does just to be deemed, in Roger Ebert’s eye, as a form of art.

Gaming is art. No doubt. In its own unique and entertaining way, even if it’s not a replica of Hollywood. Hollywood, many times, force people to drink things that they’re not comfortable drinking, and that phenomena is lead by a few people in high places. But those things, (most times demoralizing on society) are forced down on us so ofter that they eventually become the norm.

I remember when profanity was a no no in society. In fact not too long ago, such language in movies were taboo. But now it’s the norm because we’ve accepted it, without a revolt, thanks to Hollywood. Now it’s crazy, everything is acceptable. Everything. I won’t go there because that’s a whole new subject altogether.

So back to the matter at hand.

I don’t think there was anyone in the entire world who was anticipating Killzone 2 more than I was.

I had the game on day one, ready to have some fun taking out the Helghast. Just a few minutes in though, I was disappointed. It was so bad that I played the entire game without volume.

Profanity reeked in Killzone 2, but not only that, the dialogue was one of the poorest in gaming history. Guys cussed for no apparent reasons, team mates fought against each other, and although that would be quite understandable, (in war folks do that), the fights didn’t mesh-in with the overall plot not one bit.

If you lived in a house with people moving around in the living room and other places, the last thing you want coming from your games is a bunch of vulgarity – profanity.

Square-Enix did the same with Nier. The game is good, but the freaking dialogue is the worst. The profanity in that opening scene was totally uncalled for. And why? Because they’re trying to appeal to a more “western audience”? I personally find it an insult that they’d think we’re just a bunch of lawless, brainless, kids with no values.

Most Western gamers are 34 years and older. We grew up when respecting and greeting your neighbor was the right thing to do.

But Guerrilla Games listened, and in its upcoming tripple A shooter, Killzone 3, all profanity has been removed, abolished. Now they’ve gone that far and I’m happy, (many more like me are too), a day one buy. But they didn’t even have to go that route. A more simple solution would be to create an option that would allow gamers to disable the profanity. That would have worked just fine too.

But thanks for at least listening to the community Guerrilla, you’ll be rewarded with big sales.

Others must follow: EA’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was laden with indecent language, but what’s even worst, is that the first game had the option to disable them, and the second did not! Makes no sense to me.

Treyarch’s new CoD tittle is coming up, and we encourage them to do the same, the option.

Get a grip folks, the best selling titles of all time have no swearing in them….. You don’t need that. I applaud Infinity Ward for what they accomplished in Modern Warfare 2, a game that had only one F-Bomb – the last scene in Afghanistan.

So do it devs, you won’t lose. In fact you’ll gain more than you think.

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  • NamelessTed

    I get that you don’t like swearing in games but you should just learn to accept it. Killzone 2 had too much swearing because the people who were writing on the game were bad writers. The same can be said for Nier.

    And to say that the best selling games don’t have swearing in it is just untrue. Modern Warfare only has one F-bomb but it has other swearing it it. Are you okay with other swear words. Also, Red Dead Redemption has only been out for 1 month and has already sold 3 million copies. That game has plenty of swearing. To add to that, GTA is rife with swearing and has easily sold over 30 million units across the series.

    I am not saying that games should have swearing or that it makes it better, but I think that if swearing makes sense within the context of the game then there is no reason not to have it.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    NamelessTed, I get what you’re saying, but if you read the article carefully, (which I gather you have), then you’ve surely noticed that I said an option should be created for the folks who don’t want it to spoil their fun. Like I said, Battlefield: Bad Company had it in the first, but I have no idea why DICE got rid of said option in the second installment.

    Again, those who love that stuff, they have they option to keep it in, if not, then the option is available. Agreed?

  • NamelessTed

    Fair enough. I think an censored option would probably work well. They could just mute or beep over the swearing.

    For me it just seems a little strange that if a game is already rated M that you would disable swearing. But then I guess there are people that have kids.

    I could see that it would make sense to also have a blood option in all these games too. That way a parent might be able to have their kid in the room, or allow them to play certain M rated games if they disable the blood and swearing if they think their kid should be able to play the game otherwise.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Exactly, couldn’t agree more with the way you said that.

  • tarbis

    I couldn’t agree more. I really don’t like to hear too much cussing. There are lots of words day can use and they have to use those F-bombs.
    If you look at God of War series which is also a Mature rated game. You won’t see cussing there. Every word is beautifully scripted w/o any cuss word. It feels like you’re hearing a poem. Their insults are far more epic and insulting than a million f-bombs.

  • Opinion3942

    Why did you have to bring religion into this, it just makes you look like a hypocrite?

    However, I agree that excessive or unnecessary profanity can ruin the experience of a game. But, if done correctly, then I don’t see why having the option to turn it off would be necessary, as it would only detract from the experience.

  • nick

    i really dont see the problem, i mean your at war what did you expect?
    at least there removing it for KZ3.
    i had to piss myself laughing today when i picked up the violence pack from sega for the wii.
    it has a sticker on the back from the Guinness book of records for the most swearing and gore ever in a videogame!
    thats the promotion you want for your games sega?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Haha, where did you get that from Nick?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Well, I’m sure it’s not only Christians who feel that way Opinion3942, I just wanted to drive a point home to these developers, and let them know that many gamers demand this option….

  • Ernice Gilbert

    True, tarbis. Let’s hope these devs see where we’re coming from.

  • nick

    its on the back of the house of dead overkill box.
    i FINALLY got my wii today, bought super mario brothers wii, madworld, the conduit and house of the dead overkill.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Wow! Congrats Man!! Really, You’ll enjoy it!

  • nick

    thanks i already am!
    im really enjoying the conduit its a interesting take on a alien FPS, im going to get dead space extraction tomorrow ive always wanted to play that.
    along with cursed mountain, i hear its suppose to be really scary.
    hope so, its been far to long since i played a decent horror game.
    6 years in fact!!!


    The title of your article seems a little confusing. What does being a Christian have anything to do with being against swearing? You mentioned this before, the whole swearing thing. But I’ve never seen you write and article “I’m a Christian, and there’s too much violence in games.”

    But really, that doesn’t surprise me. Only because your a Christian and I can only assume that you read the Bible. And you know that bible is FILLED with all kinds of violence, which is OK I guess in Christianity. But talk about sex and bad language, and get out the soap box.

    I disagree with having developers put filters in their game. It already has a “M” rating for a reason. You know what your getting into when you see that big letter “M”.

    Its just like when a PG13 movie stinks because obviously it should have been rated “R”. Its not that I just want to watch gratuitous violence, sex, and swearing. But it adds realism and immersion to entertainment.

    I don’t know what you do outside of this website, but in real life when the bullets start flying or you think you might die, or take someone’s life, all kinds of words come out of your mouth.

    And that’s why I DON’T want to see my ADULT entertainment toned down. Because it takes away the immersion and realism. And now GG has done that, because of pressure.

    I’m not a game developer, but I can only assume that your suggestion of a option filter would not be that cost effective. In fact, probably pretty costly. And again, they already have an option filter, its called the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    IRISHBULL, I respect your opinions, I really do. I have a full life out of gamesthirst mind you, and I know realism pretty well… Talking about war, I know on the battlefield soldiers cuss. Not all soldiers but some do.

    But here’s a question for you: If I you had kids running up and down in a house and say you were player a shooter that’s packed with cuss words, wouldn’t you love an option in the game that eliminates them, even if for a while, until they’re gone so they don’t have to hear such language.

    Say what you will, but options are giving with almost everything you purchase, and it’s not censorship, it’s called choice.

    I’d love that, when it comes to vulgar language, to be able to mute it if I please, in my videogames.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    You and these horror games….