Monday, April 1, 2013

Rumor: Slim 360 + Wi-Fi + 250GB HDD @ E3

Another big e3 rumor is coming our way, this time from the same man that confirmed Halo:Reach before it was announced at last year’s E3. Neogaf member ” Annoying Old Party Man” is known for being “right” with his inside information.

Here’s when he confirmed the existence of a new Halo prequel by the name of Halo: Reach.

Now he brings us more inside information just before Microsoft’s E3 conference on June 14. According to “Annoying old party man”, the 360 slim is a reality and it doesn’t end there. It will include internal Wi-Fi like the Playstation 3 and a 250GB HDD.

This is a rumor at the moment but don’t be surprised if it turns out to be true, like Halo:Reach.

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