Forza 3 Sales Are GT-Like Sells Roughly 4 Million Copies Worldwide Since Launch

Forza 3 came out just last year, and if a Turn 10 dev is to be believed, the game is doing mighty fine in the sales department.

Car games generally put on a decent showing, but none of them have ever sold the amount the Gran Turismo franchise is used to selling. Prologue has sold over 4 million copies and GT5 itself is expected to do way better. But the guys and gals at Turn 10 must be happy with the those numbers. 4 million copies is a great achievement.

And by the way, those 4 Million copies of Forza 3 were sold at $60 in period of 7-8 months compared to the 4.65 million copies of Prologue sold from December 2007 at $40.

This question was posed to the developer:

“Fable 2 sold more than 4 million copies i believe. Didn’t Forza 3 or whatever the number is also sold like 4 million copies so far?” To which he replied:

“Not quite 4, but yeah, we sold a lot WW.”

And there you have it folks. Almost 4 million of you have bought the racing sim. No doubt Forza 4 will be coming soon.

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