Monday, September 1, 2014

Microsoft Will Reveal Something About Natal That Starts With .. “The Lo…” What Could It Be?

Who would have ever thought we’d come this far in the gaming industry? No longer is the artform something for kids only. No, gaming has extented its reach and come E3, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are planning to take the revolution even further.

But Microsoft’s plans are more ambitious than Sony and Nintendo’s combined in the motion sensing department. In fact the software giant is planning something so big, so great, that it’s hired one of the most popular networks, MTV, to witness the Project Natal experience live.

And what’s this “The Lo” that’s getting Matt Singley, Sr. Dir. of Social Media Strategy for the Xbox and Zune divisions so excited?

“On a call with Xbox right now talking about Project Natal #xboxe3 stuff! My favorite thing about what they’ll reveal? It’s got to be the lo,” his said on his twitter page.

I have no idea what this “Lo” is, but Singley assures us that it’ll be “worth the wait”.

“@Cynnthetic cruel indeed :) But, it will be worth the wait… #xboxE3.”

One more thing to look forward to guys, “The Lo.”

Share your thoughts on what you think it might be.

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  • nick

    the lord of the rings the fellowship of natal.
    wow imagine the silhouettes that would create!
    as long as were not using real swords though, a friend of mine was playing around with his like a idiot dropped it and sliced his toe off.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Are you serious? That’s terrible man.

  • nick

    yeah i just found out about it.
    funny thing is his parents still dont know some how they think he did it at work.
    if they found out he has a sword, well, ill be preparing his funeral the next day.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Wow, that is so not cool man.

  • corpsemaker

    Think about it. Its “The Low Price”. People are thinking it will retail for $150-$200 for some reason. If they announce it for $60 or $70 don’t you think that would be exciting?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    hey corpsemaker welcome to GT. You have a point there….

    The Lo price makes perfect sense actually.

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