Saturday, January 31, 2015

Vanquish Will Be “Fastest” Shooter Ever, No Multiplayer

Vanquish is coming to shores all over the world, fast. The first person shooter is being developed by Platinum Games and directed by legendary game director Shinji Mikami, who will all know is a master at what he does.

He’s hoping to “create something that has more appeal to it than simply being a shooter in a realistic world”. It’ll also be the faster shooter anywhere.

PlayStation: The Official Magazine had the world’s first exclusive look at the game, and while there, spoke to the game’s director and producer who shared their thoughts on what they hope to accomplish with Vanquish.

Note: Everything happens fast in Vanquish, faster than any other shooter the guys at PTOM have played, and at the same time the action unfolds in a manner that could only be described as “uniquely Platinum”, the mag continues.

“Being a Japanese company and having the sense of style that Platinum has, realism is not the top focus of Vanquish, but it definitely applies to a component, as it should with shooting games,” game producer Atsushi Inaba said.

“Rather than being very stealthy and taking cover every other moment, you have the boosting and melee combat along with faster, fluid tempo,” Inaba continued.

“That’s the big differentiator between this and other shooters out there.”

The game however, will boast no multiplayer as the team focus on “crafting the best possible single-player game”.

It’s a promising title and come this Thursday on Game Trailers TV, first in-game footage will be shown.

Vanquish could be out late this year, but for sure early next. It’s a title every shooter fan should keep an eye out for.

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  • nick

    ill believe it when i see it!
    bayonetta was sooooooo over hyped its not funny, in fact i would go as far to say it is one of the worlds most overrated games along with the COD series, GTAIV and the halo series.
    i really did not enjoy bayonetta at all, it was so cheesy not in a funny way but in a face palm this is pathetic way, its repetitive and the combat system is really piss poor.
    the combos just feel limited not stringed together like something from ninja gaiden or DMC, the combos feel more like button mashing than precise accurate selections of buttons.
    i found just mashing the controller had the same effect as timing my shots perfectly to the contact point nothing made any difference.
    when it comes to sword fighting games ninja gaiden is still by far the king of the throne!
    hopefully itanaki will be at E3 so we can see what the mastermind is cooking up for us!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Ernice Gilbert

    Me too, I’ll believe when I see. But to be honest I’m pleased to know that a dev is taking time to develop a good sp story mode fps title.

    The other games are just…….you know what I mean : )

  • nick

    ahhhh i dunno about the storyline in this i seriously doubt that will be their main focus.
    bayonettas storyline was absolute garbage!!!
    im expecting them to rely on fast action like they did with bayonetta thats why im really not looking forward to it.
    i guess only time will tell.

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