Friday, January 30, 2015

Natal Is The Real Deal, No Lag

Hour zero for Project Natal is just around the corner, lucky members of the media are getting their first play test with natal just before E3. The latest hands-on impressions come straight from Dublin by video games website, The Gaming Liberty. Two skeptics from TGL attended a behind closed doors first look at Microsoft’s Project Natal and their overall consensus was extremely positive, shedding some light on Natal’s possible lag problem.

” We skeptical types were treated to about 15 minutes of Natal time and honestly we can tell you that Natal, even from this small insight, is every skeptic’s nightmare. Within seconds of standing before the device for the very first time, we skeptical types were left reeling in shame for any inclinations of ‘doubt’ or ‘skepticism’ we had about Natal to this point. Natal is the real deal, plays like a dream and proves us skeptics irrevocably wrong. This dream is every skeptic’s nightmare because it proves us all to be very mistaken.. “

” It’s a powerful experience. Alex’s avatar was incredibly responsive and he was punching, kicking and kneeing red balls at every discernable angle with different distributions of weight with no lag or no delays. “

” My Ricochet avatar was incredibly responsive. Any pose, any movement, anything, was recreated instantly on screen. Even jumping on the spot or twisting my upper body saw the avatar doing so too. Bending my knees, inverting them inwards or clapping my hands was again perfectly reiterated by my avatar. No lag, no delay and no thinking. “

” Before playing Natal we had so many questions and after our 15 minutes and actually playing it, we have so many more questions. Natal is the real deal.”

Source: The Gaming Liberty

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  • nick

    hmmmmm, ill believe it when i see it!
    i hope they have sorted out the BAM spas they showed at E3 last year.
    i have to thank M$ for that, i have not laughed so hard in god knows how long!
    i went to EB today to pick up split second since i got the day off, and again the lady told me natals due out at the end of the month.
    hmmmmm, something smells fishy!!!

  • VR-4nic

    Sure Natal is probably really nice if all you want to do is play Super Gay Dodgeball!! Lol! This thing is crap! M$ has to be the only company out there that will spend millons apon millons creating Dodgeball! I can play all the dodgeball I want in my driveway for almost nothing why would I give M$ $150 for Natal! Show us some really games already Ive been seeing dodgeball for almost a year now!!

  • nick

    ahhhhh you do realize ubisofts ghost recon future soldier will be using natal right?
    natlas going to have heaps more games for it than dodgeball.
    you would have to be a grade A moron to think M$ would spend millions developing this than only creating dodgeball for it.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Let’s hope the device is all its made out to be, or else it’ll flop. Hard.

  • VR-4nic

    Hay nick you dropped your gullible quick pick it up! You ever heard of sarcasm dumbass! Lol! If M$ truly has “HEAPS” of games for NATAL then why is it all we’ve really seen is Dodgeball? This supposed Ubisoft game that you claim will use Natal, Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a FPS or TPS so please in lightin me with how Natal will work with this? Am I supposed to pretend my hand is the gun and duck behind my sofa when getting shot at? Lol! Natal is not for the so called “Hardcore” market its to cash in on all the casual Wii wagglle BS! It may sever as a cool new way to control the 360 dashboard but thats about it, oh and how could I forget a really super fun cool new game that will revolutionise gaming as we know it DODGEBALL! LOL!! . Then again this is just an opinion!

  • nick

    god, im not going to waste my breath.
    1 stop being a fanboy.
    2 grow a brain.
    3 grow up.
    than maybe ill waste my time trying to explain why natal is for both the casual and hardcore.
    till then im not wasting my breath.

  • VR-4nic

    I’ll say it again Nick your a Dumbass!! If your not going to waste you breath then what was that? Lol? Im still waiting to hear just one intelligent comment from you! Saying someone is a fanboy or telling me you wont waste your breath is just proving my point more! (Dumbass) Maybe you should take some of your own advice and grow up! I’ve had all three consoles from almost day one but must say my 360 has been the let down with the over priced HDD and wifi adpter plus the fact that Ive gone though two of them (RROD) but at the end of the day I love video games! I would love to see this Ubisoft game using Natal or any of the heaps of games you got a link Nick? I guess for someone as ignorent as you its probably easier for you just to write me off as a fanboy and pretend Natal will revolutionise gaming! No Milo links Nick! Thats even worse the dodgeball! Lol! You can do this get that brain out! Lol!

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