Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Limbo Trailer: The Race For Arcade GOTY Is Over

Every single year gamers all over the world start choosing witch console game topped their list as their favorite and possible Game of the Year. There’s plenty of great candidates each year to choose from but there’s a type of games that we tend to forget when the year is over, Downloadable games. This hidden gems keep raising the bar each year and demonstrating that a gaming experience with high production values are not strictly confined to retail or console titles.

Titles like Braid, Wipeout HD, Flower, Portal, Rez HD, Castle Crashers and Shadow Complex proved that downloadable titles are not just simplistic run-of-the-mill games to kill some time with, but a whole new genre full of quality and value. This year brings us a new contender, a brilliantly done and atmospheric platformer so astonishingly beautiful that feels taken out from an art book. The title won 2 Independent Games Festival awards and tells the story of a boy boy trying to find his sister in the hell edge called “Limbo”. The games’s visuals are entirely black & white with minimalist sound and impeccable art design. The world evokes a feeling of despair that limits your vision with a dark and fairly limited field of view.

Intuitive direction in the game is so good the it doesn’t need HUD system to guide the player or tell them what to do. The animation system is nothing short of amazing and very advanced for the genre. Limbo plays like your typical 2d sidescroller but it looks like nothing i’ve seen before, the tone is so unique and eerie that could make Tim Burton drop a tear of joy. More downloadable games will release in the course of the year but i’m confident that none of them will surpass the brilliance and beauty of Limbo.

Check out the new In-Game Teaser of Limbo

LIMBO: Available This Summer On XBLA

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  • newyearnewrule

    Yeah, this looks like seriously business!

  • Fernando

    Indeed! A breath of fresh gaming air !

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Creepy! But nice!

  • nick

    ahhhh black and white come on this is 2010 not freaking 1926!!!!!!!!!!
    oh well, its nice to see a platformer on the horizon my favorite genre we dont get any where near enough platformers!!!
    cant wait till earthworm jim releases too im playing it on my Iphone now, ive forgotten how good that game was!!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, Earthworm Jim was good, black and white could be fun too….

    It’s looking promising!

  • nick

    ill still get if for sure, black and white titles really aggravate me though like the saboteur that really bugged me!
    plus this was such a face palm moment i played dead to rights retribution all the way through in black and white thinking that was the only option, i forgot i chose the noir effects in the option menu that make it black and white.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    DOUBLE FACEPALM! Ernice Palms face again.

    Runs out the door Laughing his butt out loud!

  • nick

    LMAO, i had never been so embarrased in my entire life!!!!
    i really enjoyed the game though, its nice to see another cop based game out there we dont have anywhere near enough of them.
    id kill for another stranglehold styled game that was awesome!!!