Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Microsoft Might “Overshadow” Sony With Natal At E3 Says Pachter

Project Natal and Move will be all the rage at E3 this year, as the two giants go head-to-head showing off their latest motion devices. Although Sony’s Move has received its fair share of media spotlight already at GDC, the hardware giant has promised to wow its fans even more at E3.

On the other side of the fence, Microsoft is planning to push its new tech, Project Natal, no holds barred and because of that, Pachter fears the worst for Sony.

“[Sony] might have blown it by releasing Move to the press so early at GDC,” Pachter said on the latest episode of Bonus Round, “because now it’s kinda like not news any more.”

“So I think its got to have a focus on software at E3, and I’m curious to see if Microsoft upstages them – There’s even more [content] for Natal. The guys I talk to, everybody’s got something for Natal – I’ve heard from people [who have said] ‘we can’t even get into the launch window for Natal, we’re next year’, cause they have so much stuff, and some cool stuff I know coming next year.”

As for E3 itself, Pachter thinks Microsoft might “overshadow” Sony with its grand Project Natal reveal and advertising blitz.

“I think that Sony is going to focus on first party games, and I think every body in the press will be focusing on Move and Natal.”

He continued: “So, I’m a little afraid Microsoft will overshadow them there.”

What do you think, is Pachter right? Share your thoughts.

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