Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bombshell:Pachter Reveals David Jaffe’s New Game Before E3

Can Wedbush Morgan Securities analysts Michael Pachter Keep a secret? Apparently not. The man has revealed David Jaffe’s new game before E3.

In a very long conversation on Game Trailers Bonus Round with Geoff Keighley, featuring editors from GameInformer and GiantBomb, Michael Pachter let loose Jaffe’s new upcoming game while talking in the “Sony at E3″ segment of the show.

“So I think that unfortunately Sony really does have good first party content, none Move first party content like David Jaffe’s Twisted Metal 2 Game,” he said.

Pachter then started to stutter, while Geoff Keighley and the rest stare in shock.

“What ever it’s going to be called. Sorry Jaffey,” Pachter managed while everyone burst into laughter.

“Jaffey called me his b*** the last time I saw him, so b**** that Jaffey.”

I guess it’s not a surprise any longer. By the way, Michael Pachter is a very connected man, read our lengthy case for him here, so don’t think he’s off.

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