Saturday, January 31, 2015

Halo: Reach: Is The “Most Powerful” Says Bungie, The Studio’s “Best Halo Game”

The Halo franchise is arguably the biggest right now. It’s become part of the American culture; and anything that the Halo brand is slapped on becomes gold. Yes, it’s indeed huge.

The Official Xbox Magazine had some time with the game, (a lot actually, we’ll give you more details later) and after previewing Bungie’s last effort, the mag concluded it’s the biggest Halo game the studio has even undertaken.

“The screenshots look unmistakably like the game we’ve all been playing for the past nine years running” the mag wrote. “But with all of the smart refinements Bungie has so far revealed for it’s Halo swan song.”

It added: “Reach may be the best game it’s ever released.”

According to Bungie, Reach is also the most powerful in the Halo franchise.

“Reach is probably the most powerful title we’ve built to date with regards to story, character, new gameplay features we’re throwing at the player, and new experiences overall,” the game’s creative director, Marcus Lehto said.

It’s out later this year exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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