Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PSN Problems “Pales In Comparison To RROD” Says Pachter, Could Take Up To A Week To Solve

Since Sunday, Sony has been amidst its biggest PlayStation crisis to date. PS3s worldwide abruptly stopped working, with an error code, 800 1050 F appearing on screen when certain games are inserted into the console, rendering it inactive.

The problem is indeed a big one but according to Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, Sony’s woes are nothing compared to the Xbox 360′s Red Red Of Death which Microsoft seemed to have weathered.

Pachter also said it could take up to a week to completed solve the issues plaguing the PlayStation Network.

“If they fix it within a week, nobody’s going to really care,” Pachter told CNBC. “The people that are affected are going to be pissed and Sony will send them a code for [a free game] and an apology and that’ll be it. … If it drags on past Friday, though, I think they’ll have a problem. And if it’s a hardware issue, then it’s a serious problem. … This pales in comparison to the red ring issue the 360 had, though, and Microsoft seems to have weathered that fine.”

Interesting, Sony said the problems should be fixed soon, it was believed that by this past morning, the issues should have been in the history, now rumors claim it’ll be over in the next few hours. But will gamers be able to hold out for a week? Probably, but I think Pachter is right this time, more than a week would spell only trouble for Sony.

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  • newyearnewrule

    I sure hope it doesn’t take a week!!!!!! Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is tomorrow!!!!!


    My goodness this is terrible for Sony, and just when God of War, the biggest PS3 game is set to land? Wow Sony, Just WOW!!!!

  • sbains

    Michael Pachter, Sony’s woes are nothing compared to the Xbox 360’s Red Red Of Death which Microsoft seemed to have weathered fine …

    Goes to show that Pachter is clueless, I ditched my XBOX 360 after the RROD and will not touch another Microsoft gaming console.

    Sony is different in their handling of this problem in that they acknowledged it, Microsoft did not till a class action lawsuit was filed and then only claimed a small percentage of XBOX 360 were affected even though to this day some 54%+ are affected.

    Just waiting for a solid fix ahead of God of War III. Sony it would be nice once fixed to get a free download code for a game of nominal value say $14.99 to reduce frustration with this clock issue with ARM SYSCON CPU RTC.

  • LevelHead

    You know sbains, the same can be said about how Sony dealt with the PS2 problems as well when they were forced with a class action lawsuit only to settle out of court over the disc read errors. So let’s not make this into yet another console war.

    As for my PS3 It’s an older system so after reading about all of this I haven’t even turned it on the last day or so. Although I’m dying to, I’m needing my MAG fix. I’m just hoping it’s not something more than a simple fix to do with the internal clock or whatever it is.

  • David Macphail

    It’s definetly nowhere near as bad as the RROD but the very fact that it happened is completely unacceptable. After Sony release two of the biggest games of the year on Friday (Heavy Rain and White Knight Chronicles) the entire PSN crumbles. Ridiculous.

    Sony better fix it soon and there had BETTER not be any trouble with retrieving Trophy’s. Otherwise Sony are going to be in BIG trouble.

  • ShadowBlade

    It read it was fixed on playstation blog. I doubt sony was going to take a week to allow people to play games. But glad it was fixed and everything back on track.

  • nick

    a free game as a apology?
    HA! that is the funniest thing i have ever heard!

    i remember back in march 08 i had to take my ps3 in for repairs after only 3 weeks of purchase because the bluray laser kicked the bucket.
    rang them up and was told i would have it back in 2-3 weeks, a month at the absolute latest.
    so i ring them after 3 weeks, than once a week after that and nothing.
    9 weeks later, i get a card from the post office to pick it up.
    i ring up to enquirer what went wrong with it, and they refused to tell me.
    did i get any sort of apology?
    of course not, as if sony gives a royal 2 hoots about you!

    than again i had to take the same console in September 09 for a YLOD, again 5 weeks gone and did i get a apology?

    at least MS apologize and give you a month free XBLA gold access for your troubles.

    and i dont know about this being the worst crisis sony has faced with its playstation brand.
    are we forgetting the faulty lasers in the ps1 which would not work unless you turned the console upside down?
    or the faulty lasers in the ps2 which broke after a few months of use.
    not to mention the massive issues many ps3s copped after sony released the 2.6 FW update.
    O and dont forget the consoles which mysteriously YLOD when people downloaded the 3.0 update.

    this certainly is not the first time a massive bug has hit sonys system.

    if anyone’s thinking in buying sony stock now’s the time to do so because its hit rock bottom!

  • tester4life

    Sony’s problem is sustantially different from Microsoft, as the RROD is actual phisical damage to the console, the problem at sony is only related to the software and can be fixed without the hassle that a RROD would bestow upon thee.
    So the problem is fixed now and everything’s back to normal, keep gaming sonyfriends.