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Endurance: At Retail, Heavy Rain Still Is King, Is It A Sign Gamers Are Ready For Change?

by Ernice Gilbert on February 21st, 2010, under Playstation 3, Quantic Dream, Sony

Some thought it might flop, ‘it’s too risky, too different’ they’d utter but look at it now. Heavy Rain isn’t even out yet and it’s ruling the charts.

Maybe it’s because most reviews of the game by publications were favorable, or maybe the gaming industry is ready for change but for whatever reason it is, the game’s being purchased, it seems, by many.

You see the reason this is so intriguing is because Heavy Rain is different; it’s not your familiar hack-n-slash or FPS run-n-gun title. No. You need be patient, one must think hard on the decision he’ll make before a path is chosen. In every essence of the word, Heavy Rain is, well, it’s more than game, it’s an interactive movie – an interactive experience and so to see all the signs pointing in the right direction at retail, one can’t help but wonder, are gamers really starting to crave something more?

I know I am, and I suspect many of you would like to see developers take more risks to help enhance and take to a different level this industry. Quantic Dream’s effort is a good start.

Take a brief look at Amazon’s bestsellers list, and you’ll see who’s sitting heavy in the number spot. And although the case can be made against making too much about Amazon’s bestsellers list, it’s a good way to predict what’s taking place around the US.

Heavy Rain will be out on Tuesday in the US and on Friday in the UK exclusively for PS3.

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