Sunday, December 28, 2014

Rumor Thirst: PS3 Cross-Game Chat To Be Restricted To Paid PSN Subscribers

Cross game chat, a feature Xbox 360 owners have enjoyed for years, and one PS3 fans can’t wait to experience on PSN. Thing is, in order to experience the goodness, you might have to pay for it.

In the latest issue of PTOM, there’s a thread about PlayStation 3’s “Next Tech”, and in it, a slew of details were divulged concerning PSN.

After talking about the possible 3D offerings in 2010, the mag delves into cross-game chat.

“Aside from the 3D goodness, cross-game party chat is the obvious “next big feature,” even though it might be restricted to paid [PSN] subscribers.”

Earlier in the same thread speaking about motion controls, the writer said this:

“Sony’s current service is one of the PS3’s best features, so we’d begrudgingly welcome a revamped PSN with extra subscriber functionality, like cross-game-chat and exclusive PSN downloads.”

So what do you make of all this? Would you pay for cross-game chat on Sony’s online service? Share your thoughts.

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  • ShadowBlade

    Seeing how sony is taking a long time for this feature to be in Ps3, I think it should be free. I can see exclusive demos and offers in the subscription but not exclusive firmware features. That seems like an apple approach. Making people buy version 2.0 or even 3.0 firmware for iphone and ipod. But I can see why sony would do this, because if they didn’t have something to make the paid subscription plan seem worthwhile no one will buy it, without exclusive firmwares features it will seems like another Qore. I want to know how will Sony stop people from pirating these firmwares. It not like they will ban everyone that will use it illegally. Would i pay for my firmwares if i had a ps3? Probably since i wouldn’t want my ps3 to lack features others may have.

  • Boox

    If it’s taking them that long to make it means that they want to throw something out that will work not a glitchy shitty cross game chat and I would pay for it if the price is right.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Well now one really likes to pay for these things, but I think Sony will make the package good enough that it justifies a fee.

  • newyearnewrule

    I’ll pay for it if it’s good enough. Meaning if it comes with more than just cgc.

    It needs exclusive features and then I’ll buy in.

  • coffeewithgames

    I don’t even have a headset for the PS3, though I wish they would just charge for the online service already instead of trying to sneak their way into charges.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, the talk is still a bit mixed though, from what I gather, some gamers don’t care while others are furious.

  • M_C

    I will be furious if this does become to be true. Even Microsoft don’t make xbox subscribers pay for CGC. Thats saying something big. Something we’ve waited for ages which should be free! But the only thing that annoys me the most is what if I do buy it and none of my friends want to? They’d be no point in me having it!

  • newyearnewrule

    Great point there M_C! I actually never thought about that!!

    What the hec? Come to think of it, Sony had better make this thing free. I also didn’t know, MS offered it for free?

    Wow. So after all the wait, PS3 owners might end up paying for what Xbox 360 owners get for free?

    That’s saying a lot.

  • newyearnewrule

    Yeah guys, Sony should make this thing free now that I’m thinking seriously about it.