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Crysis 2: “We Didn’t Compromise Anything [With PS3 Version]” Says Crytek

Crysis 2 is about to make its debut on consoles. The original game holds the position as the best looking on any platform, and we’re yet to see a title that comes close to what Crytek has been able to accomplish. This, the second installment in the franchise uses Crytek’s latest engine: Crytek 3 game engine.

Crytek’s CEO had an interview with PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and some juicy information was released that will surely quench PS3 owners thirst.

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There are many who feel that just because Crysis has been a PC franchise, and still is first and foremost, that bringing the second game to consoles would be a mistake and that said version will never be able to look even close to what PC offers. That’s not correct, says CEO Cevat Yerli, who told the mag that PS3 development of Crysis 2 is happening simultaneously with the PC version and nothing is compromised.

“I don’t feel we’ve compromised anything,” he said.

In the past however, at E3 2009, the company told IGN “We don’t need to dumb down the game; the technology provides all the horsepower we need to make a kick-ass 360 game and a kick-ass PS3 game, and push the PC gaming forward still,” this according to Crytek CEO Yerli.

The question is, will the 360 version be a port from PS3, or is it also being development simultaneously with the PC’s? We’ll have to wait and see.

Also, as in so many movies and even video games, New York has constantly been the epicenter of world chaos, essentially the world will crumble if New York’s destroyed. In Crysis 2, you’re on call, aliens have invaded and you must prevent an all out overtake.

“New York City stands out as the pride of mankind,” CEO Cevat Yerli said, “if aliens can harm New York, they can harm all of Earth.”

According to the developer, the game looks so good that New York, even after its been invaded by aliens is beautiful, “catastrophic beauty” to be exact.

In Crysis 2, everything comes alive, in fact the world “is living without you” says producer Nathan Camarillo. “You can look at the city and see its plot elements. You have to build a story in the alloted space.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Crysis 2 is shaping up to give even the most ingrained shooters (Call of Duty, Killzone, and BBC franchises) a big challenge, and I suspect might beat them all in the graphics department.

The game will be out in Q4 2010.

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  • newyearnewrule

    Right now, I’m so pumped for this game. The hype is starting to connect with me a bit.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Pumped here too.

  • coffeewithgames

    I would like to play the first one, before playing part 2!
    I wish they would release the first one, along with part 2 for the consoles.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah Coffee, that’d be cool, I don’t think they’ll do it though.