Bayonetta 2 Could Be On It’s Way, Might Be A Spin-Off

by Colton West on January 22nd, 2010, under Articles, Gaming News

In an interview for the March edition of Game Informer, Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya made mention of a sequel to the well-received game.

In the interview, Kamiya states that Platinum Games “obviously have love for the work we have created, so I don’t see anything wrong with Bayonetta 2. Personally, I’d like to approach the world of Bayonetta from a different angle, in the form of a spin-off.”

Spin-off could be a horrible decision. They have just established Bayonetta as a well-known character in the gaming world and I would like to see more of her, if you know what I mean.

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One Comment

dlfootball72 22nd January , 2010

Haven’t played the game but from what I hear it is a really great game it’s like a mixture of different games thrown together and a different protagonist that makes a different style and cool gameplay. I need to check this game out.

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