Pachter: Epic Regrets Signing Exclusive Gears Of War Contract With Microsoft

by Ernice Gilbert on January 20th, 2010, under Gaming News

The all knowing Michael Pachter had a lot of things to express on Game Trailers Bonus Round, one of them being his belief that Epic Games now regrets signing a deal that would keep the Gears of War Franchise exclusive to the Xbox 360.

Geoff Keighley asked his audience of three, including Kotaku’s Michael McWhertor and Michael Pachter whether they thought it still made sense for publishers to release single platform titles.

“Absolutely not, and I think the Epic guys can’t wait until they can start doing multiplatform games,” Pachter said.

Keighley quickly inserted another question: “Do you think Gears of War is going multiplatform?”

“I don’t. I think that Microsoft has a contract to make sure that they get that sequel, But I think Epic regrets signing that contract,” the wedbush Morgan analyst said. “You’re up to 11 million PS3 in the US and probably similar number in Europe, you got a 20 million addressable market with a game like Gears of War, I mean that thing would easily sell 3 or 4 million on the PS3; that’s a lot of profit.”

Well what’s written in stone can’t be undone; let’s hope Epic could come up with other ideas for games that everyone can enjoy. I’m sure they can.

No word on when the next Gears of War Will be released, but rest assured it’ll come exclusively to the Xbox 360.

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  1. Thu, 21st Jan 2010 at 12:48 am

    Ha, Well yes, I think Epic Games would love to see a Gears of War game on PS3, what, over 32 million PS3 potential customers? But you know what they say: The way you lay down is how you make your bed.

    So, Epic made theirs and now they must sleep in it. Simple.

  2. Thu, 21st Jan 2010 at 2:41 am

    Another reason I think every game should be multi-platform when feasable giving time restraints and programmers who can program for each console. Epic is definetly biting their own tail on this one but can only blame themselves because I’m sure they recieved a tidy sum for signing an exclusive agreement and if not they shouldnt have signed but I’m sure they got something out of it. Also I think with ps3 gaining momentum like it has been has had alot of developers double guessing their plan to stick with just the xbox. Epic is definetly losing out on sales being exclusive and in this tough economy now the developers have to be getting as many sales as they can and staying on one console for certain games is like signing their own death warrant.

  3. Thu, 21st Jan 2010 at 2:51 am

    I want to hear that out of Cliffy B mouth. Remember the first two Gears came out before the tough economy hit. And they sold very well. IF that the case. then all games should be Multi-platform them. UC2 would sell more if both on PS3 and 360. MGS4 would have sold more too if on both system. Until Epic says they regrets having Gears on the 360 only everyone else shut up.

    • Thu, 21st Jan 2010 at 11:09 am

      Oh dear…..a crybaby Microsoft fanboy troll, how common. Obviously you don’t follow the games industry very closely at all, Uncharted 2 CAN’T go multiplatform because Sony owns the IP. Microsoft do not own the Gears IP, Epic still hold it, Microsoft have merely bought limited exclusivity with it.

      As for MGS4….yes, it would have sold well on the 360, if the 360 could handle it. Which it can’t, Hideo Kojima said that himself, 360’s technology wasn’t strong enough to run the game. So you’ll have to make do with MGS: Rising.

      Also, as for this exclusive contract Microsoft have with Epic. As far as i’m aware, the contract only ran for 2 games, which they’ve had. Unless Microsoft have secured an extension on the contract Gears 3 doesn’t have to be exclusive at all.

      Although Gears 3 hasn’t even been announced so it’s pointless trying to figure out what platforms it’ll be on.

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